For Parents

You have a huge impact on how much time your kids spend in front of a screen.

This page is all about tools, apps, resources and tips to help you have conversations with your kids, reduce their screen time and increase their physical activity.

You are not alone. Many parents hear their kids say how unfair it is because “they are the only ones with limited screen time”. Obviously that’s not true so it’s important to talk to the parents of your kids’ friends. Work together and let’s do better for our kids. It’s also important to be honest with yourself – many parents are on their devices just as much as their kids and kids are aware – they notice and it has an impact on their desire to use devices too.

Tips to get children sweating, stepping, sleeping and sitting the right amounts for optimal health (pdf)

Personalized Family Use Plan (www)

Outside Play – (includes Journey Map)

Apps for Parents

Tech Tips for the Home

  • 1 hour per day of tv/screen time
  • Disable wifi 2 hours before bedtime
  • Limit access to router by devices
  • Devices stay out of the bedroom
  • No tv’s in the bedroom
  • Get a phone with a limited txting plan and no data/limited data
  • No devices at meal time
  • Put computer in common area
  • Make sure your iTunes/Google Play account isn’t connected (to prevent excessive purchases)
  • Use Parental Controls to limit access (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Apps (YouTube only 17+ allowed), Siri, Websites)